Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Forgiveness is a Blind

Forgiveness lets us feel good about being judgmental.

The list for today is:

Stavish Meditation

I did the meditation. I had to created the bouncing effect reported last night but once I did it functioned on it is own and stayed more focussed than before. When it faded and I opened my eyes, the cup on my altar appeared to be moving or wavering. The effect was so pronounced I had to get up and touch it. Of course, I found it to be perfectly stable.

I don't think I'm staying focussed long enough on this one. Tomorrow night, I will focus on the building up of the astral body for a longer period. I have been lazy.


I sanded more and added a bit more putty to some trouble spots. The main trouble spot is very smooth.


I did some classified reading.

My Sword

I have noticed something odd. Since my sword consecration my normal cantankerous work personality has changed. Now, if someone calls me and annoys me, I demand a chocolate chip cookie in payment for services. I've received several cookies through email. Even today during a meeting that would be bland at best and tense at worst, I had them laughing most of the time. I am beginning to think there is a solid link between that and the consecretion ritual. I am not 100% sure I know what that link is.

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