Friday, June 27, 2008

Stavish and Familiars

Stavish Meditation

I have been concerned that I am not making enough effort in each session. So, I set a timer for this one. Then, I spent a great deal of time building up that energized body of light. There were times when I could 'see' even the hairs on the knuckles of my toes. Each breath energized the area of focus. There were times when I couldn't make sense of what side of my body I was 'seeing'. Once, I felt this odd sense of space around me. As if "I" had created a bit of a void around me. Then I saw a body, my body, glowing a soft blue. The body was in fine shape, young and strong, completely hairless. I had it draw the air pentagram. The linear form was hard to control on the first down stroke. I had the body try again and again until it got it right. I made it draw the aleph in the center and then use the side of the enterer to move through. Nothing much happened but I viewed this exercise as an improvement because of the void space and the strong young male image is one of Yesod.

I was out of there in fourteen minutes! I can do better than that. Those other meditations must have been so very short.


I need new glasses. I've ordered them. They came in so poorly done that I was amazed. They came back again better but not as good as my current script. The technician was clueless. When I left I told one of my familiars to make sure that I received the product I ordered and paid for. Soon the problem was discovered. I needed to order a different frame. The frames I had picked out would not accommodate the prism needed. I picked a new frame and should have them soon. As a kicker, the technician that didn't check the frame allowances gave me a Starbucks gift card. I am sure that didn't come from the doctor.

There was a time when I would have looked down on such things, mundane magick. However, I see no harm in getting folks to deliver what I have purchased in proper working order. Would this have happened without the help of my familiar? Maybe. Though, I didn't seem to be making any progress until I called for his help.

On another note, since calling Bune, my work relationships have seriously improved. I have people bringing me cookies and today, cake! I have a new enthusiasm which makes things go much easier. Again, this isn't what I asked for at all. But, an unruly Bune could have created difficult days at work that don't seem to happen anymore. I don't speak to him as often as I do my other familiars. That may be why his work isn't so obvious to me. I am keeping an open mind on this one.

What if I don't get what I asked him to do in a sixty day time frame? Do I call him up and threaten him? While my mentor would say yes, I am saying no. If a human didn't give me what I wanted would I treat him or her that way? So, why is it okay to call something up and demand such an action and then berate the being for not complying? If what needs to happen doesn't, I will have a talk with my HGA and a talk with Bune. The puzzle will get solved. I am to keep true to my greeting, "I wish there to be no animosity between thee and me."

Frater POS

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