Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Night Dreams

I have been making an effort at remembering my dreaming even though I haven't recorded that much here on the topic of late. However, last nights was a bit odd and likely reveals more about me than I'd really like. However, my goal was to make this as uncensored as possible.

I dreamed that my mentor and a much more famous magician were with me in a large room. They had tattooed an image on my back that I could see. I was very upset that they did this without my knowledge. My mentor explained that this image would help the Goddess manifest. I assumed in my life. I was quite upset by this prospect as a past religious experience has ingrained in me that the generic "Goddess" brings nothing but extraordinary pain and useless pain at that. My emotional state about the situation upset my mentor as well. He wasn't angry. He was upset about and for my upset. He tried to explain the hows and whys but I wasn't able to hear him or maybe I wasn't able to understand.

The other magician was present but distant, detached may be a better word.

I also had a dream where my mother took my sister and I to a house we've never been before. Two older people arrived and thanked her for taking care of their pets and home while they were away. I was pretty sure that this was only time my mother had been there. My mother said something about how these nice folks would take care of us when she was gone.

Note: My mom passed away about twenty years ago.

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