Monday, June 2, 2008

Effect of Constructing the Lamen

I feel like there is something I am supposed to do magickally. My awareness has shifted to a state of potential. I feel the universe opening up. There is a call to the temple room but there is a vagueness to the emotion. The only name I can put on the emotion is magickal or magickal prep.

So, I ask my HGA. He says there is nothing for me to do magickally. I am feeling the initiatory effects of creating my lamen, which holds his symbol. He says it will be different than any initiation I've experienced and that he will not explain. I have to experience it myself.

Right now, he is sounding very much like my human mentor. Frankly, I like that he doesn't usually do that because I'd be concerned that I'd just made him up as a substitute for when my mentor isn' available.

He says, "This is a mini-initiation with large opening...a void..." He just showed me the tattwas of Akasha, spirit.

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