Wednesday, June 25, 2008

And the Will of the Magician was Achieved!

Today, a woman appeared at my desk with not one but TWO chocolate chip cookies!

I am working on dreaming along with the Stavish meditations. So, this space my find itself inundated with the dream reports. The last two nights, I have awakened from dreams but not quite had the will to get up and write them down. I do remember unusual methods of locomotion. The first night I was using skiing poles and last night I was in a wheel chair. Both times I was climbing a mountain and handicapped with some sort of baggage. The symbolism there is obvious.

I will not post about my Stavish meditation tonight, unless something that needs writing down happens.

Getting back to cookies. I noticed my work life has been much more friendly and I am enjoying my work much more. I gave credit to consecrating my sword but it may have been the Bune evocation. Yes, that does mean I did my first two goetic evocations without a consecrated sword. Well, it was consecrated by use but I digress. I am wondering if Bune is making me more appreciative of what I have and allowing me more riches by making my work day more pleasant. This isn't what I asked for but it is certainly a pleasant side-effect. I have not reached any definite conclusions yet. My first two were much more chatty that Bune. Bune is nearly silent. Though, something interesting did occur last night. I said out loud, on the advice of Frater RO, "Bune make yourself visible to me." Nothing happened. Then he was sitting on the couch opposite me. For the briefest of moments, I saw him. However, my adrenaline kicked in, my heart raced and I lost the vision. I had always thought that feeling was fear. No, it is surprise. Same result but infinitely more curable. Yet one more thing to work on.

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