Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Lotus Spell

I have been following the promptings of my HGA all day and spending short amounts of time in prayer and in connection with him. One of the things he said yesterday was to use the thaumaturgical spells I have learned and redirect them to spiritual intent.

I have also sacrificed some of my unruly energy to my HGA's use in a direct reflection of how my so-called demon familiars have given their unruly energy to me. As a reward, I have a few fleeting moments of peace. I feel that spiritual aaaaawwwwwwww unity feeling that I so love, is better than any sex and just as fleeting.

As part of that, he told me to bring part of my spirituality to work as that is were most of my unruly energy remains. I am to remember to pray there. As a reminder, I am to hang a picture of a white lotus as a type of small shrine or altar. This is the picture that I found from symplified zone systems web site.

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