Monday, June 23, 2008

Stavish Restart

As those who've read this from the beginning may recall, I was making progress in dream work and astral project using a book called Between the Gates by Michael Stavish. That work was interupted by one of the more severe back episodes of recent memory. While working without a break is better, coming back to this work is better than not.

The Stavish exercise is as follows.

  • Establish a ball of white light around around oneself six feet in all directions.
  • Inhale and visualize the breath enlivening the astral left foot in as much detail as possible. Each bone and sinew can be visualized but at the end the foot should glow a pale blue.
  • On the next breath, do the same with the right foot.
  • Alternate up the body until the entire body is enlivened.
  • Let light gather at the solar plexus and use one's will to project it away from your body.
After that is mastered
  • Draw a pentagram before you
  • Include a Hebrew Mother letter in the center if you so choose.
  • Push the light through the pentagram
Tonight, I did all of the above using a yellow pentagram with aleph in the center. A couple of odd things happened. When I enlivened my right foot, I'd swear I saw red nail polish on my right big toe. More importantly, after pushing the light through the pentagram, I felt a thread of that light bounce back. I allowed a natural rhythm to take shape. After some time, the thread grew in size and the feeling faded.

I also worked on sanding my pentacle tonight.

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