Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Catch up and Sword Consecration

I am amazed it has been so long since my last post.

In a nutshell, this weekend I worked on the lotus part of my lotus wand. The instructions were passable but not great. The two problems I had involved the instructions. The first was that the petals had to be cut through the metal to the base of the flower to allow them to bend properly. This was left out of the instructions. The second is that pattern left sharp points on the end of each petal. When I looked at pictures of a real lotus the leaves were rounded. I am going to redo last weekend's work.

Tonight, I consecrated my sword. Previously, it has been consecrated by use. For the most part, I used the ritual out of Greers, Circles of Power. Doing the deed and using the tool for a banishing afterwards, taught me a valueable lesson. There is a significant difference between consecrated by use and consecrated by ritual. The universe 'rippled' after the banishing LBRP in a way it never has before. It was as if the air thickened, curled up in a wave and 'opened' before me. Wow.

At the closing, I asked my HGA for instructions. S/he/it said, "Be kind to everyone. To let my sword banish the hatred within. Without that, you are at peace now." I find it interesting that in my youth I was the nice guy. The nice guy that no one paid much attention to. I learned to be direct an unwavering in my beliefs and words. No longer nice, I had to be reckoned with. Some find that sort of honesty refreshing in a world full of people that can't look one in the eye and speak honestly. Others felt like they've had their heads bashed in. Now, I am being instructed to go back to that nice guy. The difference is the newly emerging nice guy has a core of steal.



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