Sunday, June 22, 2008

Progress and Medication


As reported recently, I've been working on my earth pantacle. Choosing hard oak was a mistake due to the tremendous amount of sanding and Jesso required. I had sanded one area so much that another problem appeared. I had sanded away the softer areas and left hard ridges. Disaster!

I had been continually hearing the same conversation about modern magicians using modern equipment because if they had this stuff back then, the old magicians would have used it. However, I missed that part of those conversations were for my benefit. I polluted (drove) myself over to the hardware store and bought some wood putty. Poof! Just like magick the problem is gone. I expect to make serious headway now.


On another note, this weekend sucked. I have felt ill all weekend and at once point wondered if I was suffering from vicoden withdrawals. I take a lot of that for back pain but this weekend the pain was at a minimum. So, no pills were necessary. I took a half pill to see if my illness symptoms stopped. If they did, I was having a problem. They didn't. I did more research into the symptoms of vicoden withdrawal and I had about one of twelve. I was relieved to say the least. However, this reminded me to remain vigilant and careful with my medication.

Frater POS

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