Thursday, June 5, 2008

In the Day and Hour of Jupiter

I am now the owner of a consecrated lamen. At twilight, in the day and hour of Jupiter, I consecrated a lamen bearing the seal of my HGA.

I based this rite on John Michael Greer's instructions but used the second degree opening instead of the first. I based this on the fact that John things Circle of Power is for beginners and his ritual appears to create a lamen based on a conceptualization of Tipereth rather than a seal given by a being of Tipereth. The seal already being in the sephiro, it seemed odd to aspire to a location. Instead, I was just there.

I think this may be the first time I've done the GD version of the hexagram ritual of the sun. I feel like I flew in from Cleveland. Boy, my arms are tired! That is a lot of repetitive work. Though, I found it surprisingly easy.

The wording of the consecration had to be changed. Such things really must be one's own.

I feel proud of myself but in a quiet sort of way. That was quite a bit of work to earn that connection.

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