Thursday, June 19, 2008

To You, My Reader

I am going to take just a moment to thank all of you for reading this. Sometimes, this feels like an exercise in narcissism but the occasional comments from folks I don't know personally are really cool. The comments from folks I do know are nice too. I like hearing your take on things. But there is something nice about hearing from folks out there that don't have friendship as a reason for reading. It gives me hope that a little bit of service is really occurring. That someone out there is being helped, educated or at least feel like they are less alone on the path.

I sincerely thank you.

1 comment:

Brother Red said...

I totally do not read this because you're my friend. I read this because you're doing magic. I learn from it, get inspired to try different things from it.

The friendship is an added bonus, but without it I'd read anyway.