Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bune Working

Yesterday, I laid down a tarp in my back yard. Upon that tarp, I laid down my pre-made goetic circle. Unlike most folks that write the names of the Universe upon their circle, I printed the names of the Shemhamporesch angels in appropriate astrological colors and epoxied them to tiles.

This gives the circle a very colorful look from within. From without, the view is downright confusing. I placed my triangle outside the circle, gathered dittany of crete, the metal seal of the spirit and my pentagram of Solomon, pinned hexagram of Solomon on my robe, a notebook and pen, my elemental tools, sword and HGA lamen. At the suggestion of my gal, I covered the working space with some blankets and sheets to make sure some cat didn't mark his territory on my circle in the middle of the night.

As an aside, I must mention some peculiar markings found on my cloth circle. The markings look like white under a black light and appear in many areas. One looks like a Leo sign, my birth sign. I have no idea where these came from.

I also set up an incense burner with three disks of self-lighting charcoal connected together with two pieces of slow burning bamboo charcoal. When I light the first one, it burns over to the first piece of bamboo. That burns slowly until it hits the next disk, which it lights. I loaded each piece with dittany of crete. This has the effect of a long burn time in case I need to add more incense but also keeps the incense burning throughout the rite.

This morning, the alarm woke me at 4:30 AM. Am I really getting up at this hour to call a demon? Yup. So, up I go, shower with hyssop, fresh from the garden, take care of some preliminaries, pull the sheets off the work space and went to work at sunrise 5:39 AM.

In accordance to my instructions from my HGA, I used the second degree opening. This was a little odd because I never work out of doors and I was being relatively quiet so as not to get any early riser curious. I have a special mantra I use at this point, which I will not share. This is not a big secret. I think it is best of these things are developed on one's own. Somewhere during recitation of the mantra, I felt fear. I continued. The fear intensified. I ignored it -- no more fear. I continued with the mantra for some time.

The spirit was called using slight modifications from the original.

I could barely see the spirit. I welcomed him and used my standard line, "I wish there to be no animosity between thee and me." I received a very gruff, "Why am I here?" I told him what I have been charged by my HGA to do and how he could help. Part of my charge was for him to align with my true will as I understood the concept and to modify that alignment as my understanding changed. I asked him if he understood. In a very cordial voice he repeated my charge back to me. I asked him if he would comply. I received an affirmative answer with the explanation that he'd willingly do this because I did not get greedy. I am not sure how I feel about that answer considering it is so inline with the way I think. It may have just been the answer I wanted to hear.

I told him I'd like to see him better. He said he needed more incense. When I looked at the placement of the censor, I realized I'd placed it uncomfortably far out of reach. My sword my make it out there but I wasn't going to risk my hand crossing over the circle. He laughed in good nature. Hopefully, this is a lesson I will not forget. My asafoetida may have been close to useless had I been in need. I could have ordered him to more fully appear but I really didn't see the point. Had he done so, what would it have proved? Besides, I try to treat the spirits as I would like to be treated. I am not the type to unnecessarily order any being to do anything.

I noticed something odd at closing. When I started, the birds where chirping and cats were moving too and fro. They use the backyard as some sort of feline highway. A slight breeze blew. At the beginning, I had concerns about making the neighbors curious. After drawing the final closing pentagram of the LBRP, I immediately heard and saw the birds. The ambient noise of the neighborhood seemed to 'turn on' as if someone had just turned off the mute button on a television. Again, as if for the first time, I felt the breeze.

Looking back, the normal world sounds must have went away with the fear during the mantra.

Frankly, I am not sure I landed Bune or not. I think I did. The image fit the image I've had of him previously.

A lot of brain power wouldn't be necessary to realize that one could call Bune for financial reasons and this ritual did involve that but for a very specific purpose. So, as I was sitting here about to type this, I heard a voice telling me to buy scratcher lottery tickets because that is the easiest way. I did so and followed the 'prompts' and purchased some tickets. When I play lotto, which is rarely, I alway play the draw. I don't think I've ever purchased a scratcher ticket. Taking them home, I won a free ticket. The winning number was 26. Two plus six equals eight, Netzach, Venus. Bune is a duke. Dukes are associated with Venus. There are other interesting connections to that number in Sepher Sephiroth, including, the tetragrammaton.

I am concerned about the lottery tickets because it would be like a disobedient spirit to try to lead me into gambling and a large loss of money.

I will continue to post results here, if such is prudent.

May peace be upon you,


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Benito said...

I have been doing Bune too. When I was divining for my mantra, the letters that came out added 17 or 8. It's only now that, with your information, I realize that Bune came across.