Saturday, December 1, 2012

Working Within Binah/Saturn Space

I have a small altar in my bedroom. Upon it, is a seven day candle dedicated to a goddess anointed with my own blood. Her name is written on the back in crayon and can barely be seen.

The candle is lit every day. I simply ponder the goddess in question. The energy emitting from that space makes me long for many more altars in my home.

Tonight, Her voice told me to use my triangle method and call to Her. Images, candles and the like were not necessary. This, I was told, was my reward. I dislike hearing words like that. I have never had anything happen for good or ill as a result of such promises of reward. I obey anyway.

The triangle casting was a little awkward. I didn't do something I did the first time. What I am not sure. The space did hum with energy though. I called to the goddess. She told me what to ask Her for. Seeing no harm in it, I did. I was given nice visuals during the process.

We will see if there is any effect. My forecast is dubious. Though, it did get me in there using the triangular space and working out the kinks.

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