Sunday, December 9, 2012

Creating Corridors

I was once amazed when a friend told me how she travels the dream corridors. I have a vague idea of what that means but not really. I haven't experienced something like that enough to say, "Oh, dream corridors are..."

There is something I am working on magickally that I have never had in my life or, if I had it, never recognized it. This something falls within the realm of Netzach, Venus or Aphrodite. Yes, these powers deal with things other than eros!

Since I have no link to this thing, using magick for it is difficult. My normal easy thought forms and the like won't cut it. So, I have a candle, consecrated by my own blood sacrifice, on my private altar. Every day I burn the candle and pray to Aphrodite.

I have seen signs of things coming to fruition but they are definitely not here yet. Last night or the night before I spontaneously 'looked' at what my prayers were doing. I found myself traveling down a tunnel that seems to be in the process of being carved through the astral. When I reach the end I can feel the emotional satisfaction of being within the flow of this energy.

My point is that you can obtain that which seems 'outside' of your life through persistent effort as opposed to various loud magical barrages at the target.

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