Friday, December 28, 2012

Manifestation Meditation Revision Result

I performed the revised Manifestation Meditation today. The symbol to the left appeared on my forehead. Qabalistically, this symbol is obvious. I do not take this to mean I have obtained this but that the new version can lead to it.

I was also given instructions on how to perform a water initiation upon myself using my triangle ritual. I will perform this ritual however I am a bit concerned for the following reasons:
  • The triangle ritual is fiery, not watery
  • Just the opening blows my head off
  • Three other things that I haven't thought of yet.
Yet Another Project

I am well aware that I keep undertaking projects and then they fizzle.  I have been presented another. A local person wants to write a book on the magickal properties of the local plant life. She is armed with some Native American meanings. I am ignorant of such things nearly completely.

The plan is for me to skry said plants and see what I see. If it matches the Native meanings, cool. If not, I will try to use them for what I see in them. From there, we decide if we should proceed or not.

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Jack Faust said...

Be careful around the Jimson Weed. They are one of the more magically hostile and assertive of the nightshades...