Monday, December 24, 2012

The MM and the Chaldean Oracles

The other day,  I was whining to Jack Flash as my PTSD made a wimpy comeback for a short time. I think it lasted about 48 hours. He gave me the idea of doing some lunar work to calm my ever burning solar energy, "You are Sol," I think he said. Having tried everything else, and knowing Jack is always worth a listen, I gave it a shot. I am doing a daily lunar prayer and candle lighting just like I do for Aphrodite.

Last night, rather than watching Netflex, I wrote about 1,500 words on my triangle ritual. For those that do not know, the triangle ritual is a CM ritual designed to allow one's soul to guide one's magick and give it proper form. Frankly, the opening blows my head off a bit. So, I am slowly working it.

I have had two people sit at ground zero during during just the opening as a test. They both reported sacred space being created along with my other intended effect.

Tonight, I have been spendng time with the Chaldean Oracles and finding my work to be a reflection of that lofty writing. I can find the seeds of what I do within those old words. I am having fun.

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