Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fire Issue Success

My family Christmas was a bit different this year. A friend of a relative was there. We discussed safe topics like the Israeli/Palestinian issue and religion. I had a very pleasant conversation with him. I expressed my views and he his but not once did I get the slightest bit angry. Those were hot button issues and I was watery, accepting and calm. 

Last night, I was involved in a Facebook discussion on Pantheacon. I was expressing my disappointment but calmly and professionally. My hair was not on fire. I didn't get upset.

I think I am making huge progress with my fire issue especially given the difficulty I have been having of late.

Speaking of that, I had the Psychic take a look. she said this is my last time for looking into the face of the lion but I have to do it one more time. I hope she s right.

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Jack Faust said...

All things in balance, brother. Much love.