Saturday, December 15, 2012

Got My Ass Kicked

A few days ago, I tried to heal a friend that was feeling ill. I could see the infection was well-established, persistent, and tough. To my vision, it was a sickly green. I cleaned that up and tried to get rid of it. It was sticky, aggressive and I could not get rid of it.

I used GD banners, words of power, physical movement, visualizations, astral spin moves that would make Bruce Lee blush (yes they were that embarrassing). I finally used my control of fire to destroy that gunk.

Turning back to my friend, I saw there was some left but most of her was clear. This clear area had bright pinpoints of life. I have seen these before. I think this may be the life force of astral things or the matrix that holds it together. More experience is needed here. I killed as much as I could but I knew it wouldn't be enough.

She reported that she felt a bit better in the body but that was it. I advised her to see a doctor. I think I was fortunate not to catch it myself.

Two days later she did and was diagnosed with severe strep.

Now, let me get this straight...I was able to take a kid with Asperger's and reduce his symptoms to zero for over a month but the best I can do with strep is perform as a weak aspirin? Frankly, I'd rather help with the permanent issues but even so, I find this to be a bit vexing.


Yvonne Chireau said...

My two cents? (and I don't know ANYTHING.)

Perhaps the illness was for her, and not for you. That she needs to do some of that mighty magic herself. Did you do a reading before the treatment? Sometimes the affliction has special lessons for the afflicted...

Like I said my two cents

Scott Stenwick said...

It seems to me that your healing worked like a single dose of an antibiotic. That's never enough to knock out a bacterial infection, but I wouldn't necessarily classify it as a complete failure either.

Healing bacterial infections with magick is tough. I've been able to do it but never in a single session. It generally takes three or more workings performed on consecutive days. Remember that even if you knock out 90% of the strep bacteria, the remaining population will expand extremely quickly. From your visions it sounds like that might be exactly what you did.

Robert said...

very good point