Saturday, December 29, 2012

Removing Fear

A man by the name of VI took me to school yesterday. I learned of the demiurge. (EDIT: Here is the Apocryphon of John which shared about the Demiurge. Though you may want to find other links that boils it down faster.)  In my mind the demiurge was a created being who could not see anything of a higher order above "him" but he could see that which was below and therefore concluded that he was the Creator.

I draw an analogy to the lower personality that can see only its own interaction with the world and therefore assumes it is the creative power one's life because it cannot look 'up' and see the soul operating above itself influencing things in subtle and not so subtle ways.

VI shared with me that the demiurge is a created being of G-d and a product of the first thought. This being was given the power to create at one point and then G-d withdrew that power and allowed the demiurge's creation to create. I assume at a lower level.

Now this is what really got me. He told me that Gnostic Christians viewed the God of the Old Testiment as the Demiurge and Christ as a direct product of the Father, not the Demiurge. Given that I look at the Bible and wonder how anyone would want to go to that psychotic god in any form, looking at him as the Demiurge makes more sense to me. As VI put it, he is the orphaned child and is therefore unbalanced and angry but given he is the product of the first thought, higher qualities do exist. The made a lot of sense to me given the bipolar nature of the Old Testament deity.

It also worked for me as I have read the Chaldean Oracles which has a phrase about the second mind whom all of mankind believes to be the first. VI tells me these ideas have different sources. I believe him as he is a scholar and I am not. However, different sources reaching the same conclusions along different paths is what I am all about. I love that stuff.

As I continually soften my harsh views on Christianity, thinking of the demiuge in this way will come into play. For instance, I am reading Kabalah now. Normally, I examine Qabala which is a magickal interpretation of the Kabalah from a non-Jewish perspective. The Kabalah is all Jewishness and a bit richer. As I was reading, I came across some pretty cool stuff and then reached a point where I was told to fear god. Hogwash. No god I will deal with needs to be feared. Respecting Its power? Hell yes. Fear as a matter of course? No way.

I simply discarded the lines about fear as a product of the demiurge psychosis and moved on. Given that the Demiurge is a product of the first mind, I can ferret out the holy from the illness and still reach for my spiritual goals.

It made me wonder, if some of the behavior I see in the famous GD leaders comes from just this idea. They reached for G-d and landed the demiurge. It is arrogant of me to guess at such things as I see all things as utterly perfect. Yet, the little Robert does so wonder. The greater Robert simply has compassion.

Personal Note:

Last night, I encountered a topic that usually sparks anger and unhealthy thought patterns. This time it did not. I believe the reason is that I have a candle that I burn every night to Gabriel, Angel of Luna. I pray to Gabriel to cool down my fires and reflect my solar nature rather than letting me sunburn folks. It seems to be working.

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That tip about Gabriel; that's a good one.

Very interesting post, Robert!