Sunday, December 2, 2012

Asperger Result and My Soul on Fire

Mom of child with aspergers, "The [most ill child] is now like a normal kid." I asked if this was just him being better behaved by still displaying symptoms of asperger's. She said, "No, like a normal kid maybe above average." He is doing his homework, paying attention to instructions and the like.

The other younger child is not himself. She kept using words like "He needs to find his way." He appears to be searching for what he lost when the bar was removed. This sounds like a normal reaction to me, given the circumstance. He lost part of who he thought he was. Heck, maybe even who he was. Maybe he was supposed to have that bar attached his whole life. I don't think so though.

My Soul on Fire

I have learned to see the geometric shape I associate with my soul in color. In doing so, I poured out sweat. I felt immense power. It freaked me out. I stopped the visualization, for now.

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