Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Point of Clarification

From time to time, I express my point of view here rather than just recording my activities. Most of the time, I am the most disagreed with magician in the blogosphere or so it feels like. I'm fine with being disagreed with as long as the response isn't so over rationalized.

In the past, I have commented on the magician's responsibility when it comes to magickal fallout. More than one person has taken my stance to mean that I am against magick for practical means. This is not true. Aside from my healing work, I acknowledge most of my work is not practical but spiritual. That does not mean I am against doing practical work. I have referred many to Jason Miller's courses, for instance.

My point of view is that all magick has fallout. If you're going to take credit for what your magick brought, I believe you need to take responsibility for what your magick wrought. Simple. If I do practical magick that, in the view of an impacted person, was negative, I am responsible for helping that soul out, even if that person has no idea the blow they suffered was my fallout.

Maybe I did magick gain the money to landscape my front yard, a water main breaks wiping out my sidewalks and lawn and insurance pays for my landscaping. Awesome!

Unfortunately, the main broke under my neighbors paid off car and his insurance doesn't cover replacement. In my view, I am responsible for his loss. Therefore, I am going to send a ton of blessing, healing and financial magick his way. I fail to see what is wrong with that.

Most magicians I know say that other fellow would not be their responsibility. I say it is mine. It is that simple.


Scott Stenwick said...

Well, I'm not disagreeing with you now. This explanation makes perfect sense, and points out what I must have missed in your last couple of posts on this issue. I figured it had to be something like that - my comment was honest curiosity on my part, not an attempted "gotcha." Thanks for the response!

Robert said...

I know you are not a gotcha kind of guy. I was speaking to VI the other day. He pointed out that much of the conflict I have with other online magicians comes down to presentation. He says that my vocal presentations would clear them up. Since I am not ready to do video blogs, I am working on finding different ways of saying the same thing.