Thursday, December 13, 2012

Spiritual Reference Point

In speaking with a friend over a beer in a local pub tonight, I arrived at this conclusion. When I wasn't wholly Who I Am or, put another way, walking off my path*, I had a tendency to knock others off their paths. If I didn't knock them off, I did inflame the parts of them that kept them from their essential Isness. As I live within Myself, the people I associate with tend to find their place. It is as if by declaring "I am here" other people can locate their proper here, as they have a reference point to essential 'hereness'.

Inversely, we know this is true. It is why people warn their children not to associate with unsavory types. People tend to gravitate toward the crowd's lowest common denominator and become unsavory themselves. The, for lack of a better term, positive side is harder to see as we have fewer obvious examples. I realized that I have become one such example for some.

* By path, in this case, I mean walking within the confines of one's soul, not any particular spiritual tradition.

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Lavanah said...

I think your key word here is "obvious." There are plenty of positive role models, but we don't tend to see them as such because, well, that's the way people are "supposed" to be. The "bad" role models stick out, and as "they" say in Hollywood, "any publicity is good publicity." This is also the same reason that the media is full of bad news. Good news is rarely considered news.