Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Technique Change, Mom Update

I have designed the Manifestation Meditation and my magickal approach upon the Qabala, which has taken from the Jewish Kabbalah and morphed it into something effective but not the original much like I morphed the Qabala into some MM techniques, tarot patterns and magickal rituals.

For Christmas I received a book I placed on my Amazon wish list years ago, Inner Space by Kaplan. This is Kabbalah. It forced me to reconsider my morph of the Qabala. I made a bubble gum and duct tape patch to my technique tonight.

This patch had to do with the prayer, imagery and intent of reaching my target. Something else takes over once I get there. In this healing, my astral vision was stronger than ever before.

"Mom's" kidneys were on fire in my vision. So where her bowels. I put out the fires with a combination of the Hebrew letters Mem and Vau (water and air) respectively. I added water and reduced air. The flames went out. I added some Jupiter for healing.

Any improvement will be in conjunction with modern medicine as her infection just began responding yesterday to conventional treatment.

On a Personal Note

My head is about to explode. The negative vibes from Christmas Eve resonated with my own issues enough that I feel that I am having some issues.

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