Sunday, December 16, 2012

On Myself and Hermes

Years ago, I read a book called Undoing Yourself by Christopher Hyatt. One of his statements was that people tend to worship their preconditioned neurons. He made the point that people tend toward a religion that they were raised with. Should they change, they move to something closely related.

My neurons were preconditioned against Christianity for whatever reason. I am s.l.o.w.l.y. getting past that. I can say that Hermes was never mentioned in my childhood home. Further, in my occult life, I have run across various deities. Some of them, I have been told about. Others, I have invoked, prayed too, or worked with magickally.

I became stuck on Hermes. Why? I assumed the cause was that Hermes is so influential in GD work, god of magicians and all that but so is Thoth. I have invoked Thoth on the dais in GD ritual. I felt as if I have reached back to the beginning of time. This wasn't a museum experience. It was living within the manufacturing of the object in the museum. Thoth was there when the universe was dust. Even with that incredible experience, I did not feel any kinship or need to call him again.

I will readily admit I haven't done as much research into his lore as I should have. I went in knowing just the basics. Hermes is the god of communications, travelers, commerce and father of Pan. It took me about three seconds to match thing to a common thread, Unity.

In order to communicate we must be unified by a medium. Commerical activity only takes place as we unify buyers and sellers. There is a secondary, or primary depending upon how you look at it, unification.  Buyers unify with the products they need and sellers unify with the money they need to continue in business. This chain stretches pretty much forever. Travelers unify with new people that they met, their destination and a host of things along the way. They were strongly part of the first two in times of old. As far as Pan, do I really need to point out what unifies there and the result?

As I have been invoking Hermes, he unified my separated ideas into the Manifestation Mediation.  He showed me how I was connected to various people. How to see clearly on the astral. Hermes unified me with friends that unified me with other forms of magick. My perceptions of self and others have been heightened.

Yeah sure He performed as his nature would indicate but so do other gods.Why did I resonate with him?

I think unification has been a big part of my spiritual path for longer than I was aware. My life, from a very young age, has been one of disunification. From the age of four or five I was always the one on the outside and never understood the world I lived in. From that angle, seeking to be unified with the One, seems to naturally follow.

Does these mean that I circled back and came to worship my pre-conditioned neurons or maybe overcome them? I don't know and I'm not sure I care right now. So far, being with Hermes has been a most gratifying adventure.

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