Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Client and Triangle Space Impact

I have been presented a difficult case involving a a woman in her early sixties that has the following issues:

heart (she has stints)
small strokes
a growth on her back to be biopsied
a broken back

Her daughter enlisted my aid. I have in my possession some of the woman's hair and the daughter's hospital visitor's badge. These I have placed on a non-GD altar that I keep in my bedroom. The first night the items were there, the daughter reported that her entire family slept great that night for the first time since mom had been admitted to the hospital. This family is very turbulent but very devoted to mom. It never occurred to me placing items on my little altar would have any impact on the family. However, I do know the reactions of family to health emergencies does have an emotional impact on the ill person. So, keeping family healthy and well rested would have some sort of impact.

I woke up Thursday morning about 5:45, about a half hour early. I immediately took the link from my altar and went to work. My first task was the growth on her back. I think it is more extensive than that and worked to starve it and the corresponding growths that I could see.

This morning, I worked on the broken back. Much like I reported recently, this time, I don't feel like I did anything aside from focus the compassion of the universe upon the client. What I saw looked like 1970's special effects. I looked at her through lights and stars. She was a blurred image behind them. The image was very cool but I did it help? I don't know yet and may never know on that one.

Triangle Work

I invoked Hermes last night using my triangle space method. It still has some bugs to work out but when I get to a certain point I feel a wholeness that is awesome. Wholeness is a form of holiness but it doesn't feel as one normally conceives of that word, holiness. I did not feel like the Dali Lama but very very present.

Hermes himself taught me to use the triangle form as a sort of magnetic engine. At the basal angle I can place a negative force and then my perceived positive counter-force at the other. As I move through the space the apex becomes the reconciler, which I drag to one of the basal angles. This in turn immediately creates the energies of the other angels. The faster I move the faster these energies grow, twist and change. Awesome stuff but a bit of a frenzy to work within.

I am sure I will do this again.

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