Monday, December 17, 2012

Mistake and a Tip

There is always a bit of controversy in the occult world regarding teachers. Some people believe you should have one. Others say you should go on your own.

My teachers have been brilliant, my friends, incompetent, mean, shining stars and pitch black caves of ego. I learned a great deal and I respect them for their efforts, successful or not. Given the above, I think I am as qualified as anyone to voice an opinion on occult teachers and if you should seek one out. So, without hesitation, I issue forth the following opinion.

I have no idea.

There are too many variables to really know. Go with your gut. You will know what you need.

For those going on their own, I have a tip. Find the system that calls to you and work it. Start from the beginning. Do not skip ahead because you are that big and bad. That is your ego calling. Do not pick up the phone.

When I started, I was scared out of my mind. I thought the best thing to do was surround myself in the strength of Geburah. I vibrated the god names a lot. This was a bad idea. It left me martial and angry. It has taken most of a decade of hell to be able to invoke Jupiter often enough to become a counter balance. I see the positive effects of that every day but it is so very much too late in my life in many ways.

Start at the beginning people. I have a list of young magic users doing dumb stuff as they begin. Those without talent do not hurt themselves or others. Those with talent do. The only way to possible way to avoid that is to work patiently from the beginning.

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