Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Words are a Barrier to Living Perfectly

You are perfect.

Scott commented on my last post. He plucked a line from the beginning and made a point. His position was essentially correct. Though, it really wasn't my intended focus. I am finding it so hard to adequately communicate how perfect everything is.

Mathematicians see a perfect beauty in equations that I will never see. Maybe my inability to share is something like that.

When Scott refers to balance that is the mid-point of opposite perspectives regarding the work. He says the real goal is to work for self and others equally. Two opposites: Self/Others

I disagree. Balance is the unification of opposites until they are one.

Seek to be enlightened and nothing else. For when it occurs you see so little difference between self and others. All are perfect and each gets a hand when needed. You don't need to balance your fiery side, watery side, your Mercury with Venus. Seek to manifest your soul here and all that stuff works out.

When we cling to a word we cling to its connotations, opposites, related items and life experiences involving all those things. That is too much weight. Seek instead the emotion of unity. The beauty that is within and without and see there is no difference.

Clinging to the idea of a difference between me and you is the source of all pain. We are one.

I know I am rambling again and likely making no sense. Someday, I will learn how to share this.


I will be here next Saturday doing Soul Readings and Healings for ridiculously low fair prices in an effort to support the local community.

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Scott Stenwick said...

Actually, I agree with you here.

As I see it the reason that balancing work for self and work for others in the sphere of behavior constitutes right action is because at the most basic level these two apparent opposites are in fact one. In one sense balancing your actions in this manner reinforces that realization, and in another sense balanced actions arise from it.

But yeah, you're also right that this is a pretty difficult concept to discuss given the limitations of our language.