Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Soul Reading Report

I performed two soul readings last weekend. One of which is may be blogged by a guest blogger.

The second, I failed to write about in a timely manner. This means my memory has faded severely. I would need to the person I read for to provide reminders. So, I may be missing something important.

Her Nephesch (animal soul) reminded me of a faery. She lived in a wooded area (not unusual), giggled and ducked behind tree trunks. She'd laugh while holding her hand over her mouth as she darted from one tree to the next. She had a fear of being swatted on the butt. This was not a beating but a relatively light swat. I do not know if that was a trigger to childhood abuse long past or not.

Her automatic personality was not abnormal. There was nothing major there that I had not reported for others.

The Divine Personality was different. Normally, this part of the soul is not damaged. I have seen people that were both victims and perpetrators of vicious abuse and never seen this part damaged. I think the lower souls serve as a set of crumble zones. In this case, I cannot say she was damaged. However, she did have a blockage that she was obviously not born with.

That blockage resided upon the path of Leo between Severity and Mercy on the Tree of Life. This impediment was formed by someone who taught her to by hyper-critical. I have no idea if this was intentionally and overtly taught or if it was a subtle thing. My guess is that the training took place over time.

This so stunted the flow of energy that her Tipereth was muted. I cannot say it was black or even dark but it did not generate the energy and light it should. In fact, the internal paths to Tipereth were not energetic. They emitted next to no light. This means that she has a tendency to bounce between the right and left pillar because there is no balancing energy. She later reported that she has been diagnosed with being bipolar.

Frankly, I can stretch what I saw and say yes but I didn't feel anything that severe. I am aware that no one goes to a shrink for no reason. I'm sure she has symptoms that lead to that diagnosis. I am also aware that I am not a mental health professional. I am also sure any medication she would be given would alter her symptoms. However, I really do not think she has this disorder. If she does, it is on the low end of the spectrum.

I am beginning to believe that mental illnesses from Aspergers to everything else are the result of or cause of a lack of energy on the paths. Perhaps, someday, I will learn to fully reenergize the paths and provide some serious healing to folks.

I did remove the block I saw. It was a bit stubborn but I got rid of a good bit of it. I am not sure she fully owned that but we will see. Given she is aware of whatever symptoms drove her for clinical work and she was aware of her hyper-critical thoughts, I am anxious to know if that removal resulted in a symptom change. If she reports to me one way or the other, I will report that here.

I also had a feeling that she feels I was wrong on somethings. She didn't say so but sometimes I just get that feeling. Though, usually that is with tarot readings more than soul readings. However, I did get the swings and hyper-critical part quite right.


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Yvonne Chireau said...

I am beginning to believe that mental illnesses from Aspergers to everything else are the result of or cause of a lack of energy on the paths.

As someone with an autistic kid I tend to agree with you on this, HOWEVER, the symptoms of the disorder also may have to do with TOO MUCH ENERGY on the paths, as you say, rather than a lack.

Also, consider that "mental" illness as being physical and emotional in nature as well, and it might broaden your paradigm.

I wish you could teach what you got going, there.

Robert said...

That is a good point. Look for future post on the topic