Monday, September 24, 2012

The Nephesch Rises

Quite often, I am awakened with back pain or I cannot sleep for no apparent reason. Angst no longer plays a part.

Due to a lack of sleep one recent night, I called upon my Nephesch. I ordered it to take the energy that kept me awake, give me a peaceful sleep and then fill me with the energy as I woke. I was obeyed. I felt like I  had discovered something. This exercise was repeated the next day.

One word: Mistake

Since then behaviors have arisen that I have avoided for some time.  Defense by attack being the main one. At this point, the defense is unnecessary. Silliness! 

I learned these behaviors come from the Nephesch rather than the automatic personality. I also know that if I draw on the power of the lower soul it gains influence. This also means that I use the power of the Nephesch on purpose with a mindset towards getting in control of that influence. I can basically set a trap for myself. Eventually, I will gain strength and put my lower soul to my use rather than being dragged around by it. Even though that only happens occasionally now, I feel this is worth pursuing.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't tell me much.

Robert said...

what do you want to know?

fvvaa said...

I go through bouts of vivid dreams for weeks on end, which basically just keeps me from getting any kind of resting sleep. The kicker is that I tend to not be able to recall any of the dreams except for maybe the very last thing I saw. I wake up still tired and generally distraught. I feel like my nephesch is processing something but isn't making it fully conscious, most likely do to my ruach. So I ask regarding your post, what exactly are you ordering your nephesch to do?

Robert said...

May I suggest speaking to your higher self and saying something like this, "Immortal Soul, please help me grow spiritually. Please teach me what I am supposed to learn from these dreams." or "Ruach, please help me understand our Nephesch."

I was ordering my Nephesch to take all the energy that kept me up and let me sleep and then give me that energy back in the morning. That was not a successful experiment.