Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rainbow Self/Rainbow Buddha

Learning is not my strong suit. My meditations energize me regardless of form. I must remember to do them earlier in the evening. Better yet, get up early to meditate.

Tonight, I practiced something I learned from the Psychic, acceptance. I thought it was a simple enough meditation. "I accept my open crown chakra." On a scale of one to Buddha, I have no idea how open that is.  However, I accept its current openness. 

The visual rainbow of self that the meditation created was gorgeous. I could see 'me' with all my chakras lit up. Then I saw a Buddha type image before me much the same. 

Some learning has taken place. I am not full of angst at this. Torment was the proper word before. I'd think of all sorts of painful things and then feel like it was the painful things keeping me awake. Woe is me! Now, I think I don't sleep and my mind needs an excuse. My mind finds negative things to wrap around. Unacceptable. 

Now, I push them aside. It makes not sleeping less painful.

The next post will be post 1,500 on Doing Magick. I plan to mention, The Holy Guardian Hamster.

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