Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jack's Response to Sitri Post

Jack posted a large comment to my last post. So, I thought I'd address it point by point here in the same order has he presented his questions. I must admit my post was a bit disjointed and unclear as I made the mistake posting while on pain medication. If I can't read the Life of Buddha, I likely shouldn't post.

The Jack's comments are in italics.

You saw this demon sitting on a person? When?

Yes. I was doing a meditation just to clear remaining ties to an individual. I call it LSD. Look, See, Dissolve. Cute, no? I wasn't cutting ties for protection, or to snap them back or anything like that. I didn't expect to find this at all. Nowhere in my imagination had I thought of anything like this. Originally, I saw what I expected to see. Thin cords of attachment. We all make those with all sorts of people in our lives. At one point, as I touched one of them, I 'slide' down it and saw what I saw.

I make no apologies for seeing what I saw anymore than if I saw you walking down the street. This was not a peak through a bedroom window. As for when, not long ago.

Also, is there really a problem if someone just wants sex with them getting it? 

Not usually, unless you're married and your spouse doesn't know, screwing your best friend's mother or that sort of thing. I am surprised you'd ask me that one, Jack. You know me well enough to know better.

Even if your ideal is love, are you sure it's right to put your idea forward about the will and choices of another?

Sure, especially since this person has no problems doing that regarding other people's choices. In this case, if I am right, and I think I am, that particular working had a huge amount of fallout on others that they didn't asked for. I have always had a problem with that sort of magick. It is sloppy, inconsiderate and more than a bit rude. That said, my next post is going to be entitled, "Magicians - Are We Stupid?". That will clear up more of my opinion of the matter for which, I will get hammered. I'm good with that. 

You keep mentioning INVOKING the spirit versus EVOKING the spirit: how do you know this is precisely what you're seeing?

Very sloppy writing on my part.

I haven't seen too many of the of the seventy-two  land on someone that was just walking down the street minding their own business. Other sorts of nasties yes, spirits from that book? Not in my experience which is not to say that it doesn't happen. To a competent magician? Even less likely. Your experience may vary widely from mine. I mean, how many demons have I seen? Not many. However, if one of these lands on you, it is exploiting a weak spot extraordinaire. 

So, my educated guess is evoked and lost while thinking he won. The symbolism of this thing sitting on his head is pretty clear it isn't a win. The only other possibility is that I put that image there for me to see. Possible? Yes. I've read the all the traits outlined in the Lesser Key. So, that information would be available from my subconscious but honestly I never ever considered this a possibility for that person. Usually, projection like that comes with pre-suspicion, at least for me. Never in my wildest dreams would I have though this person capable of this much slop. It is completely counter to my idea of him.

I'm not calling your assessments dubious, but the information you're giving out is a bit lopsided. 

Jack, if you didn't call my assessment dubious, I think I'd check your ID to make sure it was you. My prejudice may be reflected within certain opinions expressed. It is not reflected by what I clearly saw.

In the previous post all you tell us is that someone 'raised' (which I interpret as 'evoked') Sitri, and lost. No data is given on how, or why, this might have occurred.

I was being circumspect for a reason. That reason is that I'm not going to violate this person's privacy to that extent here. Heck, I've never even mentioned the name of the woman who did the very bad thing and that was intentional. I'm not going to break down some psychological assessment of this person or a chronology of events that I can tie ,admittedly, with spit and bubble gum tie to this.

I am already pushing my line of privacy breach here. I likely wouldn't have said anything at all had I need perceived the fallout impacting the privacy of others in very non-private ways. 

From my previous post, "willinglie deteineth secrets of women, laughing at them and mocking them"

In this post you suggest that they're Invoking the demon. Is this due to the language that they used when they performed the rite? E.G. "I call upon and invocate you, NN Spirit, that you might come to me and yadda yadda yadda in the holy and awesome names of yadda yadda yadda"? In that case, the difference is just in language and interpretation. If the person sat down and said, "yep, and I call upon Sitri whenever I want to have hot sex, and I let Sitri live in me and we need to be together forever," then that's different, I think.

Naturally, I do not know that. Sloppy writing on my part. Frankly, though, I don't really care. That thing sitting on top of someone's head explains SO MUCH. Could I be wrong? Yes. Am I? Maybe, but not likely in full. I have spent way too much time doubting and looking at some things in the best possible light as far as others are concerned. No more. No one spends that much time hiding in inexplicably denying things that doesn't have something to hide.

 I just find this post to be... odd.

You are telling me? How shocked do you think I was to see that? However, pieces of puzzles slide into place for me. It is simple as that.

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