Thursday, September 6, 2012

Different Healing Work

Tonight, I am mostly recovered from my cold but tired from a lack of sleep last night. I really didn't want to work but given that I felt pressure to from who knows where and that it will be unlikely that I will be able to help over the next few days, I gave it a shot.

I sought to aid the anyeursim person with his short-term memory. Some odd things happened.

First of all, I didn't need the Manifestation Meditation to do it. A simple call to my Greater Neschemah was all. Then, I was told I could not aid with the memory issue. Instead, I was show was looked like a ghostly white spiral cloud emanating from the person's head. I moved all around it trying to figure out what it was.

I now believe that was a visual representation of a mentality or spirit that was not focused on this plane. With that realization, a team of people surrounded the man. They seemed to be performing surgery. I asked what was happening.

I was told that I was, "the Will of God." Well, before you get around to think that I think I am the Almighty, allow me to translate. It was much more along the lines that I have the authority to do what? I don't know, create a healing space that draws other healers?

My only analogy comes from I time when I was Praemonstrator of a GD lodge. Something occurred initiatory with a member. That member acknowledged my position and its so-called authority but wasn't exactly a friend. I'm sure this person would not have been comfortable with me doing anything occult in his/her direction. However, I deemed it necessary. I wasn't curious or invading privacy. I was observing the impact of magick.

When I went to this person, I encountered a guardian. It stopped me as it should. Then in no uncertain terms I declared my position and what I was doing. I was immediately allowed to pass.

I think this is similar but different.

The result of this 'surgery' was that the ghostly white light stopped spiraling upwards. Instead, it came out of each side of the head in focused beams. I believe this may allow the person to be more aware of immediate surroundings, time and place.

This fits with my concept that all time happens at once. However, if you had to visualize it, individual time is vertical and interacting time is horizontal. Someday, I will post on that.

The other odd thing about the healing was that I could not see the surgery. It was just one big bright white light emitting from the head. The surgeons knew what they were doing though. I left them alone. I did nothing.

I also worked on the pre-diabetic.

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