Monday, September 10, 2012

Healer to Healer

Conversation punctuated a fun weekend.

My mentor once told me that he was lonely for conversation with those of his background (i.e. he needed to talk with other adepts) but he knew no one to speak with. Fortunately for him, he found those people.

A similar situation confronted me of late. Healing magnifies the best in its practitioners but the process can be emotionally trying. Watching someone's rape or its symbolic representation, can be trying. Feeling the horror of the moment is appalling. Worse yet, is breathing in the after effects in someone's daily life. The pain they battle seeps through, rips apart, and renders the emotional body in a continuous pattern of loathing.

Compassion overwhelms the practitioner while failing to wash away the torment. Fortune blessed me with the ability to step away when the process is complete. The anguish does not remain. Shock is rarely part of my experience.

I remember My Gal, who was caught up in the Bosnian war, telling my father, the counter-intelligence agent, "If you haven't been in war, you would not understand. If you have been, there is nothing to say." I understood her words then but I own them now.

Palpable relief ran through me as I chatted with The Psychic over coffee Sunday. As Heinlein fans would say, she groked it. I walk a road she has walked. She understood little things that I did not need to say and I knew she knew. I also knew things she didn't have to say like sometimes she has a much harder time than I do. Fortune has blessed me in some ways.

She pointed out how confident I am now in what I can do. How my pricing structure, designed by my Spirit, works to keep out the curiosity seekers and the base humanity. While I do not know if she went through this, she understood my past attitude about charging for magick; it shouldn't be done. And, how the perspective morphed to a point that not only makes it okay but encourages me to market my services. The emotional understanding truly mattered.

I found a mate in the circle of understanding.

Weight Loss: 

I tried to help on of my regulars today and could not reach her at all. That was a first for me.

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Cheryl said...

i understood and appreciated this. thank you for sharing.