Friday, September 14, 2012

Ethical Impact

Ethics shut down my magickal ability last week.

The aneurysm client suffered a set back since my last working. The shuffling while walking has not resumed. He has lacked focus and become confused. His wife reported this and asked me to stop working for a bit. Of course, I complied. I will not go against a care giver's wishes.

Rationalization rules the mind at times. My desire to learn is an overwhelming force. I decided to 'look' and see what changes my last working brought to the man.

Deciding was easy, doing impossible. Every part of my magickal self shut me down.

Some time ago, I asked my former mentor about something similar. I had someone going nuts in my life. She spread magick everywhere. I and others could feel her onslaught. I asked if I did that at any point during my decade long battle with the very bad thing. He said no. No one ever reported such a concern to him "because your ethics will not allow you to do such a thing."

My belief is that these ethics are mine. They rule my life. They are not necessarily correct for you or anyone else. Your peculiar ethics will impact your magick in similar ways.

Soul Reading

Tonight's reading took about hour and a half with an unusual half hour pre-chat. I will not post about it as I am not sure if that person is comfortable with that. Sunday, I have another scheduled. 

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