Sunday, September 23, 2012

How Souls are Formed

Not all Soul readings are outlined here.

I have encountered a few very young souls over the past few months. They are learning what it means to have a body, deal with an internal life and interact with others. Confusion reigns.

Their animal souls (Nephesch) and automatic personalities are active, vibrant and normal. These bodies are the same as everyone else's. The exception being is the inability to pin anything down. Emotions flow to and fro across their internal landscapes. There is no ability to pin things down into a stable understanding. This makes it almost impossible to learn the lessons they need to absorb. They live in a state of torment. Each one seems to lack any understanding of how anyone could do anything to harm another. These new souls seem to do next to no harm to others. There is a beautiful innocence about them that the torment fails to tarnish.

The Divine Personalities (Ruach) are ill-defined. The energies are dormant or muted.

In the Golden Dawn Zelator initiation, we are told there is a subtle connection between fire and earth. This is reflected in the creation of the new soul. The Greater Neschemah, still a child Itself, sends forth a burst of energy as it embodies within a infant. This lightening bolt is fire and is best represented by a white Hebrew letter Shin. That burst leaves behind only the rudimentary structure of the divine personality. The baby soul has no direction because it has no real starting point. It has come forth from the void. This is best represented by the black letter Tau.

Emotionally-based challenges are most difficult for them. The intellect, while not diminished or defective takes a back seat. This reveals a pattern of Qabalistic juxtaposition. The Qabala teaches that the four worlds continually unfold from top to bottom as Fire, Water, Air and Earth. The Soul seems to need a pattern of Fire, Earth, Water, Air.

Air comes into play in two forms. The first form is memories of our early emotional experiences and any resolution that may have occurred. Air is associated with thoughts, ideas and the like. Memory is not a stretch. These memories are stored in the Ruach (Divine Personality). Ruach is the Hebrew word for air.

The memories of lessons learned for new souls float up to the Ruach and create vestigial energy patterns. The tenuous connection with the immortal soul saves the Ruach patterns for the next lifetime. As lifetimes go on, these patterns are augmented, solidify, broken down and reformed. Eventually, through the evolution of those patterns, wisdom filters up to the Greater Neschemah, completing the cycle.

This pattern may have something to do with the illnesses previously mentioned in this space. I have read for people with various forms of mental illness. In these cases, I often see the Tree of Life but with most of the paths transparent, indicating an energy void.  My working hypothesis, at the moment, is that these are young souls that have been incarnated often enough to begin to form Ruach energy patterns but not long enough to filled in experiential patterns that would fill in the paths. This makes the impulses coming from the Ruach more than a bit wild. So much so that the so-called normal people see an illness. At this point, I believe that mental illness is a stage of soul development rather than a a defect. Nothing is wrong, everything is perfect.

Of course, that does not apply to people with traumatic brain injury. I'd classify that as an illness. Though, this too is an experiential lesson that fills in the pattern.

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