Friday, September 21, 2012

Rufus Opus and I in the Same Place?

My Friday morning meditation focused on emotion. I filled myself with two desires, to live fully aware of all perfection and to live within/emit compassion. Emotionally-based practice is my norm now. Rarely do words get involved. I find it very easy to hold those places and let that energy flow into my sphere of influence.

The works and wisdom of my fellow bloggers are still respected but I do not read anyone's blog because I am on a peaceful journey down a slowly meandering river at about mach ten. I am moving in my own direction, far off the trodden paths of traditional magicks.

As the morning moved along, I found myself with a little extra time to enjoy my coffee. Rufus' blog is still on my iGoogle page and, from an impulse likely born of my meditation, I clicked the link coming across this:

Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all the other stuff will be added unto you. Thou art God.

 In the past, I would have bristled at the Kingdom of God phrase. This time the emotions from the meditation took the day. Perhaps what others see with that phrase is what I mean when I say all is perfection. Everything. Perfection reigns even in things that appear to human eyes as horrible abuses.

the other stuff will be added unto you

This too I have experienced but in reverse. All the other stuff really matters not. Gifts of peace, joy,  healing myself and others have followed or been added on as RO said.

Thou art God.

This too is true. I've talked about it as I began to do the soul readings. Knowing that everyone is THIS close to God, if they could only see it, feel it, remember, has brought more peace and less angst than I have enjoyed in this lifetime. I am sure most of you have seen that in my posts. What I never said, even though I knew, is that the only way to be THIS close to God is to be God. Yes, you are God; God is you.

So how did RO and I using such different methods, holding such different attitudes, both so full of anger (albeit at much different things) get to the same understanding?

Because there is only one Universe. Dive down to the center far enough and you're bound to bump into the others heading the same way. There is a fundamental truth. For me, in this moment, it is that everything, everything is completely perfect. Joy abounds.

A year from now, a lifetime from now, my understanding of that truth may be much different. I doubt the joy will be any less. 

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