Friday, September 28, 2012

Important Lessons

I have learned two important things in the last 24 hours.

The View

During meditation last night, I focussed on my higher self. From there I saw the Earth from space upon it, a small camp fire. Tiny. Me. Part of a whole.

Then I was told to ask for me as the Ruach.

I saw the solar system, my fire the sun.

From the higher view I am part a part, humble. From the slightly less higher, I am the center of the universe.

I looked and asked for what I looked like from the perspective of my fiery soul. I saw a cat in combat. I asked what my fiery soul looked like and I saw a man of flame, patiently looking for water.

The Wisdom.

In Jack's comments to the Sitri post, he asked, "Even if your ideal is love, are you sure it's right to put your idea forward about the will and choices of another?"

My response was incorrect. So incorrect, I will not repeat it here. Earlier today, I sent him a short email with my point of view and asked him to educate about why I was incorrect. I do that. I need feedback especially on social issues. He didn't have time to reply before my continued cogitations landed on something. I sent him this:

Dear Friend Jack,


I find a better answer now. You asked if it is wise. The answer is no. One should not invert the games of others and call it just but eschew them altogether. It is better to focus on the beauty of perfection than those things that refract the light.

Thank you for teaching me.


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