Saturday, September 15, 2012

Living in a Flood

Compassion is overwhelming. The emotion folds back on itself like taffy. Pulling aerates taffy. So too does compassion purify the watery soul. According to that bastion of journalism integrity, Wikipedia, aeration of liquids can be used fro the following purposes:

To smooth (laminate) the flow of tap water at the faucet
Production of aerated water or cola for drinking purposes
Secondary treatment of sewage or industrial wastewater through use of aerating mixers/diffusers
To increase the oxygen content of water used to house animals, such as aquarium fish [2] or fish farm
To increase oxygen content of wort (unfermented beer) or must (unfermented wine) to allow yeast to propagate and begin fermentation
To dispel other dissolved gases such as carbon dioxide or chlorine
In chemistry, to oxidise a compound dissolved or suspended in water
To induce mixing of a body of otherwise still water

Waxing poetic through comparing each of these to the process of manifesting soul is likely expected here but I will let you do that.

The deluge of emotion shocked me as my prior expectations once again disappointed me. I anticipated calm. I received force. Power coursed through me until I nearly cried. My ability to maintain composure was bolstered due to my location. I was at work.

There are times when I meditate and try to manifest compassion to the point where I can offer forth as a sacrament in an impersonal way. That those that need can take it as they walk by, make change and live their lives. This massive emotion will not do. One cannot invoke compassion. One must be compassion.

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Yvonne Chireau said...

It is so very descriptive yet hard to describe.

I am on the cusp of this. It will be life-altering.

Can you tell me where the MM might fit in to achieving such levels of compassion.

thank you my friend