Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

My great grandfather, John O'Connor, was fond of saying, "May the very best of this year be the very worst of next year." This is my wish to all of you.

Thanks all for your reading and input.

Update: Turns out this was my Great Great Grandfather. How great I don't know personally but my dad liked him. Oh and his name was Daniel not John. Daniel O'Connor 1865-1953
I am amazed how recently 'long ago' events.  He was born the year Lincoln was assassinated and died the same year Truman announced that the US had a hydrogen bomb. Twelve years later I was born. He was very politically connected. It is not inconceivable he touched someone that touched Lincoln.  


Alkhemia said...

A very blessed New Year to you and yours, Frater!

Anonymous said...

Ditto ;)