Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Question

As most readers are aware, I've been dealing a lot with Metatron.

He is by far the loudest, most powerful, persistent Angel I've encountered so far. The only category he doesn't top is intimidating. That goes to one of the Shemhamphoresch Angels.

He's been asking me a question that I've been hesitating to post here. His question is this, "How do you [I] want your spirituality to manifest [specifically]?" To date, I've always said something like, to manifest the highest part of my soul or to be one with "God". These answers are vague. They've become unsatisfying. Each answer I come up with is fundamentally wrong.

I'm working on it.


I still haven't achieved this in any form but the rock in my stomach that appears when I think of it isn't as heavy.


Monsignor Scott Rassbach said...

Read your post again. Metatron's question is answered in the second part.

Robert said...

You Christians you your forgiveness! (GRIN)

Well, you may be right. I certainly think that is a huge piece but given that I was already seriously working on that, I'm not sure that is the full picture. Maybe I'm wrong. I haven't managed to find the key to that one yet.

I will get there.