Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Success

My work frustrations tried to continue today.

I had to be in a meeting with someone that cannot stop talking. This is bad enough but she never says anything. What she does say is completely contradictory. She can not follow logic and, if a question is asked, she answers it three or four contradictory ways. She is also loud. To make this worse, she is a nice and friendly person.

She drives me up a wall, down the other side and I eventually begin chewing on the mortar.

Today, she got to me. I was irritated. I set up a wall of earth and then pushed myself into earth as well. The other four heads in the room turned and looked at me oddly. They knew something just happened but had no clue as to what. The woman kept right on going on. Ugh.

Yes, I was irritated and frustrated but I did not act out verbally. My body language showed it after a while but that was all. Other people side lined her and I came out none the worse for ware.

I was also having difficulty with a project. I couldn't see things clearly because I had too much information in one place. I projected the Ace of Swords over my computer screen and had the job done in five minutes.

Understanding the elements is perhaps the most practical benefit of magick that I know. It comes in handy in all sorts of situations.


Gwynt-Siarad said...

good job. =)

Gwynt-Siarad said...

good job.

Rufus Opus said...

"A Clue For You" spell.

Mentally call on your HGA by name.

Ask it to send a clue to the person through you.

Take a quick look at the person, and hold that image in your mind.

Beam the clue from your HGA to the person's image while thinking at them, "Get a Freakin' Clue."

Release the image, and enjoy the show.