Saturday, December 19, 2009


This morning My Gal and I worked with the Enochians. The angel in question MOXT was generated using the tablet of union. The concept of this work was given to me by Lon as we discussed my tarot class. I don't think we've ever worked Enochian during the day time. When I asked it (I received no impression of gender), it explained, "not everything works at night." MOXT is daytime work.

MOXT was very calm for me and subtle. There was lots of talk about obtaining and acting upon wisdom. He used a lot of geometric shapes to explain himself.

Normally, I post in much greater detail about such interactions but today, I cannot. It would seem MOXT either makes me more internal or simply doesn't want something things discussed. I have not bothered to ask which but I will follow my intuition.

As previously mentioned, all of my (our) Enochian work is based on Enochian Vision Magick: An Introduction and Practical Guide to the Magick of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley

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