Saturday, December 5, 2009

An Ace and A God

I've been working with the Ace of Pentacles -- doing a bit of practical magick for a change. My work office and house are as neat and tidy as they've been in years (at least of my own doing). I feel like a Virgo!

On another note:

I sat at work yesterday and noticed my Ganesha statue. My Gal gave it to me some time ago. I had the thought that doing the offerings makes the gods and other spirits seem more real. The logical conclusion is they move closer so of course they are more real. There is a non-believing psychological reason as well. At any rate, I immediately left my office for a brief meeting. In that person's office I inadvertently walked off with the man's pen. I noticed when I returned to me office. There was a label taped onto the pen. Geniesha.

So, to the elephant god that rides a mouse, thanks for hanging around.

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The Scribbler said...

I also have a Ganesha statue on my desk at work. Although I am not really in favor of working with the pantheons of cultures you don't really understand, Ganesha has always had a special attraction for me. And especially that image you mention: the elephant god who rides a mouse. There's something so profoundly moving about that image.

Prayers to Ganesha have helped me smash through the inertia of bureaucracy on several occasions. And it just feels good to have hi around.