Sunday, December 6, 2009

More on the Ace of Disks

I have been working quite hard with the tarot over the last few months. I'm actually in the process of writing a book on my discoveries. I've been combining my work with Jason Miller's course. That is not to say his course has anything to do with my book and my book has nothing to do with his course.

The Aces of Disks and Cups have figured heavily in this. I am not going to reveal what I've used them for but I will say that once you understand the meaning behind those cards, a simple visualization can have a huge and nearly instant impact.

But like anything else involving magick there are residual issues. Unexpected things happen that should have been expected.

For instance, in working with the Ace of Disks, my office and house have become more organized and cleaner. My mental self is very grounded. I have paid my bills a week early. I've worked out a budget that should pay off my car very early etc.

The point is that when you immerse yourself in an element, other things will happen that are within that element's purview. In working out my budget, I realized something. I use a rewards type credit card. I pay off my bills mostly on time. So, my end of month balance is pretty low. Given the cash back policy, I actually made nearly $200 by using credit cards this year! Now financial gurus will tell you never to use cards because you spend more with plastic than you to with cash. They are right. Yet this is certainly better than paying them interest!

So why bring that up here? One, because I am damn impressed with myself for making a profit off a credit card company. Secondly, because this does reveal I'm not exactly foolish with money.

This applies here because I've created an internal environment that consists of a measure of fiscal discipline. So what happens if I use that internal environment as a base for magick? I don't have to create financial discipline. I do not have to create income. I simply have to increase discipline into certain areas to pay off that car. Why use internal psychological magick? Because I could have done this before. I knew I could have but I didn't. Magicking up a small change of focus shouldn't take much effort at all. The ground work has already been laid. Lucky ground work!

This is where a variety of models comes into play. Do I really need an external spirit to do this? Unlikely. A bit of internal psychological model "energy" magick should work just fine.

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