Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Why Don't I?

Some time ago, I made modest offerings to generic spirits. I made offerings to the spirits of my home, the land surrounding my home, the spirits that helped me and the 'ultimate' spirit. At work, I made humble offerings as well. I made offering of energy, force, light, vril or whatever term RO wants me to use. It made me feel good. Yet, I stopped.

In taking Jason's class, I am again running into the offerings issue. I had to do some thinking as to why I stopped.

Part of it has to be that I've never found a spirit I really resonated with. I have found some that are pleasant enough but I'd not invite them over to a weekly dinner. I haven't really resonated with any god either.

This made me realize that my attitude toward spirits is the same as my attitude toward relationships. I'm not very good at them on any level. I try but I'm not. My reticence about spirits and forming deep bonds is a reflection on how I've dealt with humans. Though, in the human realm, I am really working on forming deeper friendships with folks. So, maybe that will reflect towards my attitude with spirits. I don't know.

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petoskystone said...

oh, my can i relate to this post!