Sunday, December 13, 2009

Amazed, Simply Amazed

It has been a busy weekend of blogging. Three days have resulted in six posts and Sunday isn't even over! I hope you can forgive one more.

This is an update over working with the Ace, King and Two of Pentacles.

Today, I have done the following:

Three loads of laundry. Cleaned the kitchen, including sweeping and mopping the tile floors, microwave, stove top, sinks, cleaned the under side of the washing machine lid (wtf?) and dealt with an annoying area of clutter in the bedroom.

Is this a big deal? For me, YES. I am not Mr. Clean. My house is not filthy but it can get cluttered and 'unclean'. Two days ago, I mopped the bathroom floor, cleaned the counter tops, both toilets and shower.

The only cluttered place is the kitchen table which is full of books as this is where I blog, write the book and surf. I could take care of it in less that five minutes.

My work has been going great and I have the cleanest most organized office of my life.

In two weeks, I've downed seven or eight salads, several bunches of grapes and other healthy things. Am I trying to eat healthy? No. I just am. I am attracted to good food.

I have paid an extra part of my car loan. It is just a token payment of intent really but it has been made.

For the most part, I am calm and centered. I am helping people without being overly pushy in several areas of my life and had received private thank you notes from more than one person. In connecting fire with earth, I am living a life of service like I have never done in the past. I am not making any heroic efforts but succeeding in simple little things. It feels good.

My fire has been channeled into earth as I rework the elements of all past initiations. The process of little changes have been amazing. Amazing. Practical as they are, they have calmed my spirit.

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