Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Weak Points

Jastiv asked about the weak points of magickal manifestation I mentioned in this post. I offered a short explanation in the comments section. Others may have had the same question and not seen that answer.

Weak points or paths of least resistance are really strong points. Let us say that I want to do magick to get a job that pays me more money. The easiest path of manifestation is through my current employment. Even if the spell is cast very generically, "get me a job that pays me more," the likelihood is that it will appear from within my current place of employment. If I have an in-law that owns a company that also may be a path of least resistance. These are actually strong points in my personal income generation potential. The are weak points magickally because the magick will flow through the place of least resistance.

To sure these weak points up, some people will place limits on the spell and say, "give me a job that pays more but not at Uncle Bill's Shoe Emporium." As Jason Miller pointed out some time ago on his blog, this weakens the force of the entire spell.

To avoid working for Uncle Bill. It may be better to pick a given industry. "Give me a job in the automotive field that pays better than my current job." This spell can not get to Uncle Bill as he is in the shoe business. The irony here can be that Uncle Bill just opened a division that sells steal toed boots to auto mechanics!

Thinking of these things ahead of time can allow you to focus on your strengths.

For example, if you know that the magick is more likely to flow within the confines of your current employment and you know what experience you have and you know a the companies needs, you may be able to manufacture a new position within that company with a few spells and well placed words. This fits Jason's saying, first the working and then the work. Only in this circumstance you can do the work, the working, some more work and some more working as you see the situation unfold.


Ananael Qaa said...

Great post.

This is one of those basic principles of practical magick that it seems like a lot of folks out there often forget. Magick, like the Tao, follows the path of least resistance.

Qabalier said...

I've had that very same problem for years, hopefully this will help me to find a way around it.

Jason Miller, said...

You are starting to sound like a serious Sorcerer!

Mike said...

"Weak points or paths of least resistance are really strong points"
Thats a great line ...

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