Saturday, December 12, 2009

Follow-up of Gabriel

In November, I posted regarding a lucid dream with the Archangel Gabriel. In the dream, I asked him to initiate me into his sphere. He morphed into the four phases of the moon. It was a pretty awesome visual. That same day, I had a psychic experience.

Since then, I've learned something. I've had many such experiences. I just didn't recognize them. I am not sure what I expected a psychic experience to be but it wasn't this.

The best examples come from my work. Imagine that with all the earth I've been working with. I've gained an ability to see what is coming. I know that someone that talked to me about something six months ago is suddenly going to bring it up again. I know the day someone is going to mention some project I put on the back burner. These are memories but with impeccable timing.

This fits into something Jason Miller said in a talk he gave in Fresno. He advised us to invoke Gabriel and ask us to make us right with time. I haven't ever been out of time as he described it. He said being out was constantly being told you just missed something good, arrived a minute after your friends had left etc.

Yet since, I've been more right with time. The so-called psychic experiences have just been one part.

This certainly wasn't what I expected but it is very cool.

Another facet has been my work with a particular plant. When it needs water or its artificial lights adjusted, I know it now. The thought appears in my head like a memory only it isn't my memory. It is like an emotional memory but the emotion is slightly foreign.

Anyway, that is my follow-up report for now.

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