Saturday, March 30, 2013

Return of the Soul Shard

In today's meditation, I asked to see the beauty in the perfection. I asked because I was told that my next lesson was beauty. Again, I saw the lotus but this time it was clear crystal. Again, I dropped into the yellow core.

Immediately, a crystal shard flew into my chest. I dropped through the flower and then back into myself. The first thing I noticed that this shard was not shot at me to drive me away.* It rested with its tip in my clothing, not piercing my chest.

I asked what I was supposed to do with this and was told this will allow me to see the beauty in perfection. Naturally, I turned it to my most difficult life events and used the shard as a looking glass. When I looked into "the very bad thing", I saw the primary actress as extraordinarily small, insignificant. This told me that incident had nothing to do with personalities. Instead, the beauty of that event was how this very small thing had such a huge impact. The perfection of the unfolding made it huge that I may learn. Once again, the beauty turned out to the perfection of all things, all people, all religions, all points of view, everything. In this case all those perfect things unfolded in such a way to bring my direct attention to something.

I now know that no matter how deep and horrible the psychological impact is, even in a traumatic event like that event which created PTSD, the perfection is there. Looking at anything through the lens of the divine unfolding results in love, nothing but love. How rockin' is that? I have also learned that mystical states can cure anything. I have had no PTSD symptoms since my spirit told me they were gone.

So, is this the soul shard that I discarded returning in a healthy way? It just may be. The damaged shard caused me to see things from a very combative and judgemental viewpoint. This shard still sees the secret motivations of so-called bad acts but quickly elevates them to perfected states of the unfolding.

I love my mystical life.

* I have tired to enter mystical states or certain sephiroth of the qabala and had rocks thrown at me, swords, fireballs etc. This ALWAYS means one is not near ready to enter into such a place. This was not like that.

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