Monday, March 25, 2013

Hermes' Torch Part II

Last night, I went on a healing journey. That part is private.

On the way there, I stopped and used the torch. I was able to drop down and see something amazing and surreal. Below me were 'boxes' made of astral stuff, clear like glass but permeable. They were stacked like shipping crates on a pier.

When I descended into them, they were furnished. These are people's mundane homes on the astral. Now it is blinkin' obvious that this had to be but why did my logic not put this together? Once I realized I was in someone's home, I did not look around but that experience made me recall a recent realization.

Our minds only perceive what they can handle at the moment. If we saw all the spirits and astral forms walking around close enough to earth to have a direct impact, we just may get overwhelmed. Last night, I was in someone's home and totally harmless. I was just there. I assume many astral beings that we may sense from time to time are just like that and there are many more that we do not notice.

This should not be taken as a statement that I think all of them are this way.  It is similar to humanity. Even when you met a violent human, perhaps even a murderer, that doesn't automatically mean he is going to kill you. Most of the time, he will walk right by you. The same is true for very kind people. We can't be significant to our every encounter.

I also realized that this configuration of astral houses reflects our need to gather together for safety. Oh yes, I will pause while you recover from that deep insight. As part of that, I realized that is what friendship, gossip and personal sharing is for too. I knew that but suddenly I know it better now.

Hermes torch is illuminating some obvious things for me. To which you may say big deal, it is obvious. To which I say you are right but I will add that you miss the obvious too in your own unique way.

Lucid Dream

I am not sure if this is related to the torch or not. I have been in a lot of pain over the last week. I haven't been to work since Wednesday. So last night, I slept horribly as the pain was just above the sleep threshold. I thought I was awake when I found myself staring at a beautiful starry sky with streaks of color like the aurora borealis only subtler. Suddenly, it occurred to me that you cannot see the sky through my bedroom ceiling. I am sharp like that.

Lucidity quickly followed. I tried to astral project upon the earth. That didn't work. I used the torch to no great effect. So, I simply consciously enjoyed the beautiful sky.


Yvonne Chireau said...

Enjoying your posts as usual Robert.
I am hoping that you figure out the meaning of the physical pain, its etheric/energetic source and its lesson.

Robert said...

sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, a wombat a wombat and pain is just pain.